Memoribilia grave diggers. Thieves smash and grab Pat Burns’ belongings at funeral

It’s a sickening crime. Memorabilia thieves struck the wife of Pat Burns, by stealing autographed jerseys and family photos out of her car. Authorities in Montreal say it is clear whoever stole the stuff, knew it belonged to Burns’ family.
What is off-limits these days? Clearly targeting the bereaved isn’t. Autograph fans and memorabilia hounds seem to go to no end to get what they are looking for. I’ve seen people selling locks of hair of celebrities. It’s not so far-fetched that some are selling chewed bubble gum and used cups on Ebay.
At what point do you respect a celebrity’s life? Memorabilia thieves have rifled through trash cans, and ambushed star’s tables at restaurants. Is it really important to have the fork Madonna used for her Cobb salad?
I love memorabilia and game used stuff as much as the next person. I have game used Angels stuff from when I was a kid. But I didn’t deceive anyone to get it. I asked for it. That goes for bats, balls, lineup cards, etc. I’ve also bought stuff through team’s own sales. I have a pair of seats from the old Big A. I bought some Yankee stuff from the old stadium after the 2008 season. I got it from the team.
I can’t imagine what a guy is going to do with 30 sweaters, all autographed with sentiments to Pat Burns. No offense, but first, is someone that big of a Pat Burns fan? The man was a legendary coach, but this isn’t the stuff belonging to Wayne Gretzky.
You can’t sell the stuff, and keeping it, hopefully gives you bad luck. I hope the thieves do the right thing and turn it in. The NHL needs a feel good story. All major sports leagues are craving one. Perhaps these heartless criminals will come to their senses and return everything they took. Otherwise, I hope their karma remains on thin ice, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on December 1, 2010.

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