World Pup! Wayne Rooney’s dog **** creates global soccer stir.

It’s amazing how one man’s grudge/holdout/ploy for a new contract can set the sporting world on fire. Soccer Football has shown it’s truly the number one global sport. Yes, I’m talking the global Futball.
Wayne Rooney’s week-long public duel with Sir Alex Ferguson had people in Spain, Italy, Germany, and even the United States clamoring for an exciting transfer deal. Rooney has had a tumultuous 2010. Manchester United failed to win a title last season. He was arguably the leader and most relished hero of team England going into the World Cup. That team made a horrendous showing, and Rooney took a heavy helping of blame for the poor performance. Then there was ankle-gate. Was Rooney fit to play? Sir Alex held Rooney out of the team’s September 11th game at Goodison Park. But after team England’s draw against Montenegro October 12th, Rooney insisted that he’s been fit all season.
All of the events on the field added up to a very dissatisfied Rooney. The 6-year ManU player ultimately informed the team that he would leave Old Trafford as soon as his contract ended in 2012. Speculation and frenzy came next. Instantly there were calls for Rooney to join Real Madrid, a team loaded with International talent. Next came fans in Germany, hoping Rooney would be sold to one of the high-ranking Bundesliga teams. Even Barclay’s Premier League rivals Chelsea and Manchester City stepped up to say they’d be thrilled to add Wayne. The silliest notion, die-hard fans from the United States fantasizing that Rooney would end up at the MLS. Unfortunately for those fans, Rooney is too young, and too much in his prime for that league. At 24 years old, he’s a good 10-12 years before resigning himself to play in that league. Then, like Beckham, he can start his movie career, launch his cologne, and sashay around town.
This stir could only happen in soccer. Peyton Manning tomorrow could say that he wanted to leave the Colts for a new challenge, and the European fans won’t be anxiously awaiting his arrival. Albert Puljols will not be playing Mexican ball the next time his contract is up. I think after the Latin countries, his only other options would be Australia and the Netherlands. Basketball players do improve their game in Europe. But I don’t see Lebron, leaving the Heat in a few years for Кошаркашка лига Србије, Košarkaška liga Srbije, the Serbian hoops league.
This morning though, the frenzy ended. Rooney, shockingly made an announcement that he has signed a contract extension that keeps him in red for five more years. He and Sir Alex are best friends again, thanks to a conversation in which he told reporters, “I’ve spoken to the manager and the owners and they have convinced me this is where I belong.”
So what caused this Roo-turn? Maybe Rooney’s love for ManU hadn’t Wayne’d, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on October 22, 2010.

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