Post-Season Pitching Gems: Diamonds in the rough or just rough?

Roy Halladay opened the 2010 MLB playoffs with a masterpiece. There’s no denying how special it was to see the first no-hitter in post-season play since Don Larsen’s perfect game. It was amazing. Halladay has since shown that he’s not only hittable, but beatable. Cliff Lee however is a force. His clinic last night in New York gave his Rangers a lead in their ALCS series. You might not have seen any of the games, but it’s hard to believe you haven’t heard something about Lee’s dominance.
Are you enjoying these games? Remove the Rangers 9th inning out of the game last night, and it’s one Andy Pettitte to Josh Hamilton mistake that changed the game. It’s far less exciting than the Yankee comeback in game one. I love when runs are put up on the board. I like see-saw battles. Call me crazy but I crave comebacks. It really doesn’t matter who wins at this point, since the Angels are on vacation, but I enjoy a great battle to the end.
Am I not a true fan for disliking a pitching gem? I think the games are boring when a pitcher mows through the lineup striking out 12-15 guys. I respect the performance, but as a fan, I’m expecting a slugfest. As I say this, Ross has just singled in a run to break the scoreless time in SF. Maybe this game will be another 1-0 pitching duel, or maybe the game will end 8-7 with a walk off in the 9th.


~ by sotospeaks on October 19, 2010.

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