Angels should dance the Conger!

Desi Arnaz introduced the Conga to America. It’s time for the Angels’ version of Ricky Ricardo, AKA Mike Scoscia, to introduce the Conger to Anaheim. That’s Hank Conger. It’s time the Angels upgraded the tempo at the catcher’s position.

Hank Conger

Scoscia tried a little too hard, and a little too long with Jeff Mathis. The experiment is over. Scoscia wasted gave Mathis 200 PAs to prove himself. Unfortunately he only proved one thing; his bat is not cut out for the major leagues. Mathis will be 28 next season, and while that’s far from over the hill, his stay as a younger Angel needs to end.
Conger is a breath of fresh air. He’s a Huntington Beach native with a golden smile, and an apparent disciplined eye at the plate. Conger hit .300 with 11 HRs and 49 RBIs in 387 minor league ABs this year. The Angels have nothing to lose. If we are going to allow someone in the lineup who gets a hit less than 2 times every 10 ABs, it needs to be our 22-year-old heralded prospect.
No offense to Mathis. He’s pretty solid defensively. But he’s had his chance. Keep Napoli as the backup and get him ABs at DH, and have him relieve Morales next season at 1B. Big Mike has the power, but his .244 average is nothing to cheer about. However, if you think Trumbo is ready now, cut the cord on Napoli and let the big slugger have his ABs.
It’s time for the Angels to rebuild around Hunter, Conger, Trumbo, and Bourjos. Luckily the starting rotation is solid. You will need to add a middle reliever, and hope someone with a lightning arm can come up and be ready to spell Rodney, when needed.
Obviously many halo fans, like myself, are hoping that Carl Crawford patrols the outfield next year. That would be a nice piece to the puzzle. I still think 3B is a problem. There’s just not enough power in the infield. Aybar and Kendrick need to be surrounded by big guns.
It’s time to sit Rivera and Matsui and whomever you need to, and let the kids play. We don’t need to be spoilers. We can finish our games winners or losers. It doesn’t matter as long as these kids get some quality playing time.
We don’t have a Steven Strausburg or Bryce Harper, but we can develop some passion for these guys. They may just shine. Angels fans could end up finishing the season dancing the YES WE CAN CAN in the aisles. Hey Luuuucyyyyyyy, there’s something I have a HANKering for, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on September 16, 2010.

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