Angels and Dodgers: Raise the White Flag!!!

Baseball fans in Southern California can relax about breaking a major fashion faux pas. I’m telling you now; It’s OK to wear white after labor day. In fact, start drenching yourselves in enormous white flags while it is still August. This season is over.

I don’t know where to start. I love the Angels and I hate the Dodgers. But both teams sicken me. Like a terminally ill patient, the Angels have been out of it all year. But somehow, that slow death, doesn’t feel any better than the recent suicide by the Dodgers. I usually like watching the Dodgers flame out at the end of the season. I first tasted this greatness in 1982 when Joe Morgan hammered a 3-run bomb off Terry Forster on the last day of the season to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs.

This season started off so poorly for the Dodgers. I first celebrated with joy, but then as they stormed back to recapture first place in June, I realized the true joy was that this chess match of rooting against them on! I have to admit, I loved the Mccourt divorce mess and how it clearly was sabotaging the team. Then Torre hinted that he was disgusted by this mess, and this could be his last season. But I feel sorry for the Dodgers. They are a tradition in baseball. I at least would like to see them compete. The Dodgers, and their fans (yes I do like some of them,) deserve better. They need new ownership from a local billionaire, who will commit to turning the franchise around.

You have to wonder why the team craps on super stud Matt Kemp so much. Is he really that lazy? I can’t believe it. I used to curse at the TV, believing Garrett Anderson was phoning it in every night. I was probably wrong. G-A came to the ballpark ready to give it his all, even if his running made Bengie Molina look like Devon White. But now Mannywood is no more, and the Dodgers are 10 games out in the division. Their season is over. They need to build around Kemp and Ethier. I’m thankful I’m not a die-hard Dodgers fan, because the off-season could be even more tumultuous. Somehow they have to rebuild that team, under an apparent money freeze. If Torre goes, you have to find the right manager.

I volunteer Mike Scoscia. This could be the perfect scenario for Scosica, the Angels, and Arte Moreno. There can’t be a day that goes by, where Arte Moreno doesn’t look in the mirror and ask himself, “Why in the hell did I give Mike a ten year contract?” Arte, your lucky day may soon be upon you! The Angels need a change. Scoscia is a strategist and a tactical manager for sure. But I believe his strategy and tactics were far greater when he was hungrier. You can insert the “Scoscia is always hungry” joke, here. I mean before 2002. The team was small ball, hit and run, bunting, and advancing from first to third. Now the strategy seems confusing and lacking any true theory. And I insist that the Angels play resembles Scoscia’s seemingly lethargic attitude. If you’re an Angels fan, you know what I’m talking about. It’s that “lets worry about today’s ball game” speech every time someone asked him about the playoffs when he had a cushion of a lead in September. He never wanted to talk about the Red Sox, yet the Red Sox ejected him out of the playoffs with ease. But I’m digressing.

So Torre walks at the end of the season. Scoscia is the perfect replacement. Scoscia was true Dodger blue grit before he turned Benedict Arnold for the halos. I think God created him to fill Tommy’s shoes. Scoscia works out a deal with the Dodgers, and in return, he and Arte both agree to void his ten-year deal. Typically Arte would seek some sort of compensation for losing his manager, but with that albatross of a contract, I bet he’d forgo such a silly request. After all, Mike doesn’t have to go anywhere. He can keep coasting his team to meaningless AL West titles, or like this year, a sub .500 season. He probably makes more money with Howards. It’s sad when you hear your team’s manager pitch “Nobody beats Howard’s,” but his team is getting swept for the season by the frickin Orioles!

Having solved that problem, lets address the ridiculousness of Scoscia and Reagins asserting that the Angels are still in the hunt for the playoffs this year. Really, this season was a loss once Kendry got hurt. I thought that Napoli filled in quite well. I’d rather have him at catcher, because in my mind, his .249 average and 21 home runs, looks a lot better than anything Mathis accomplished. What manager wouldn’t prefer to replace an everyday hitter with a guy hitting .50 points higher? Yet Scoscia continues to stick with Mathis. It seems clear the organization believes that Napoli has maxed out his potential. Why else would they put Napoli on waivers and even attempt helping those bastards from Boston? I think the team needs to admit that this season is over, and they are attempting to build a better foundation around Hunter and Weaver. Hunter is the team’s biggest cheerleader and it saddens me to see him try to come up with excuses for the team’s poor play every day. The Angels should have raised the white flag, and come out and said that the organization would not tolerate more seasons like this. This would have been perfect after dealing Fuentes. The team is about to take an enormous hit in season ticket sales. A lot of people, like myself, hung on for the all-star package. But now, there’s no point. You can go to and get seats for $.39 in the View 500s and move down to Field All Star seats without a problem. After this weekend’s performance against the Orioles, it certainly seems like this season has gone to the birds, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on August 30, 2010.

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