Foul Ball Switcheroo. Angels Fan pretends to do a good deed. But not so fast!

I don’t have the opportunity to go to ball games where there’s nobody in the seats. I typically only go to games at Angel Stadium or Yankee Stadium. So this sad sack was at the Angels-A’s game last night, sitting with his girlfriend, when a foul ball came his way. Of course it’s Oakland, where the attendance last night was a whopping 10,071. So either the seats around him were empty, or the other 10,069 were just lazy as hell.
The kid had no problem getting the ball easily… and the crowd showered him with a chorus of boos. So what did Mr. Sneaky do when he got back to his seat? The guy palmed the ball over to his girlfriend, and then he pulled another ball out of his pocket. Of course, nobody saw this happening. After making the switcheroo, Mr. Sneaky then got up and helds the ball in the air, and handed it to a family seated several rows below.
The kid had one of those cocky grins on his face, as he walked back. Of course, Victor Rojas has no clue what has happened, and applauded him by saying, “mock the opposition, son.” Then he calls him a good guy. It was quite funny. Unfortunately, Rojas was oblivious about what happened. He had his eye on the game, and rightly so. Perhaps karma will sneak up on this fan. Maybe this was the second foul ball he had gotten. If so, why go through the charade of keeping the new one, and forking over another? What he did appeared to be really foul, sotospeak.
Video Source: Fox Sports West


~ by sotospeaks on June 8, 2010.

One Response to “Foul Ball Switcheroo. Angels Fan pretends to do a good deed. But not so fast!”

  1. Could it be a possibility that it was already the second foul ball he was able to get that was hit in his area? Maybe the first ball was already there (around the his seats)when he sat down for the game,from batting practice. Who knows, that kid had no idea, its the thought that counts 😉

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