MLB Draft, Baseball can’t be spelled without the E!

It’s a big week in sports, unless of course you are an NFL fan. If you live and breathe football, chances are you really don’t give a crap about the MLB draft, the NBA finals (unless you’re from Beantown or Hollywood), or the World Cup. You’d probably rather watch an old Colts-Patriots game on the NFL Network.
Tonight, Major League Baseball is going to try to steal a page out of the NFL’s playbook. However, that play isn’t one used for touchdowns, nor will it get you that crucial first down on third down. This play is a turd. It’s that double reverse where somehow the center ends up with the ball, first running backwards, then ultimately coughing it up for a defensive touchdown.
Obviously MLB’s mapped out its’ draft coverage long before Galarraga-gate. So you can’t say that Selig intentionally hid himself from fans, still upset over the perfect game blunder. But as luck MLB planning would have it, he will be cozy and safe at the MLB Network studios. The MLB is touting superstars and club legends representing the teams. But it’s all on TV. That’s like watching highlights of a baseball card show and autograph signing on your DVR. Lame.
The MLB should have picked a place to hold the event, and opened it up to fans. There must be some die hards who would attend this, right? I mean many guys in their 20s, 30s, and even older love having that excuse to pound down the alcohol on a weeknight. If you’re playing the Bryce Harper drinking game at home during the draft, you are just as big of a loser! I guess holding the draft at Radio City Music Hall would be too much of a rip off from the NFL. But at least there’s fan involvement. But then again, what do Washington Nationals fans look like anyway? Do they all show up dressed as their favorite president?

Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents

Would we have seen Kennedy, Carter, Johnson, and Reagan all jacked up and sporting Bryce Harper jerseys? Oh Bodhi!
Here’s the MLB’s write up on the event, including a picture of their in-house diamond, littered with “mini war rooms.” I can’t help but laugh at the headline, “Stage is set for ever-evolving draft.” I guess the draft is the only thing evolving at MLB. A week after Bud Selig stood pat on Jim Joyce’s blown call, he will spend the night pimpin Bryce Harper. The Harper hype machine will highlight his tape measure bombs, his intense travelling and junior college schedule the year, and of course his recent suspension. Also touted on MLB’s press release, Peter Gammons. Ooh, aah! We’ve heard him for years, now he will just be doing it officially for the network. I will boil that down to absolutely no negative commentary on baseball or the commissioner, which then will unfortunately translate into more positive comments for the Red Sox.
One of the “dignitaries” you will see working hard for the Tigers tonight is Al Kaline. The MLB says we will get exclusive inside access to the decision-making process. I guess Dave Dombrowski hasn’t been doing his job, nor will have his scouts on hand. Thankfully the 76-year old Kaline will be there to tell the Tigers’ GM what to do. If you’re going to give me a dignitary for tonight’s event, throw in a
King Jaffe Joffer

King Jaffe Joffer

, or something really insanely funny! And the hip and relevant MLB wants to remind us that this promises to be the largest online event for and through twitter you can follow the action by using the #mlbdraft hash tag.
I would use the #boringashell tag. This draft is hours away and I’m already feeling the chill, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on June 7, 2010.

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