Umps blow another one

If it isn’t happening once a day, it sure appears to be that way. I turned on the MLB Network, and within 2 minutes I saw another umpire mistake. This time Hanley Ramirez was rounding third and headed towards home. Angel Pagan made a great throw that took one hop off the mound and actually angled towards the catcher. Ramirez slid into home, and the umpire just called him out. Now, I didn’t look up to see who is umpiring behind the plate. But the SNY Feed of the game showed several replays, multiple angles, and sure enough, Ramirez actually was safe.
I know there’s a real lovefest for Jim Joyce. He ate it the night of his mistake. The next day, he tearfully met Armando Galarraga at home plate. And everyone seems to have a soft spot for him. After all, it was an honest mistake. But lets not pretend, nobody is forgetting this anytime soon. Umpires will be under intense scrutiny. Now this Florida-Mets game right now is 3-0, and the run may not end up being significant to the outcome. We might not hear about this. But if this game ends up a one run game, we could have another headline tomorrow morning.
It looks like Bud Selig will have his hands full this season, and probably will not be able to dodge this issue of instant replay. Even if he stays mum for the next six weeks, someone will ask him at the All-Star game in Anaheim. A few months later, reporters will ask him about it again during the playoffs. I’m sure Selig is hoping that there aren’t a lot more of these blown calls. Certainly there will not be one as big as the Joyce-Galarraga call. But if you’re a long time baseball fan, you know the umps make many mistakes every year.
I hope this season doesn’t leave these hard-working umps feeling blue, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on June 4, 2010.

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