I scream, you scream, we all scream for Frozen Dairy Dessert????

Fun Flavors
We grabbed some ribs last night at the grocery store. I know, I know, original idea. Who would have thought of BBQing yesterday? Of course, it didn’t matter at our house, because we ran out of propane! But back to the grocery store adventure. I walked past the freezer section, and I thought, “oh that ice cream looks good!” Now usually I go for something a little fat free. I like skinny cow ice cream. They have ice cream sandwiches that our mint chip, or like an oreo cookies and cream, but we went with something else. We selected a carton of Dreyer’s. Dreyer’s is good ice cream, and who can really resist the temptation of “Double Fudge Brownie?” We were set!
We had a delicious dinner of ribs, mac n cheese, and cornbread. We made a quick trip to sit in the hot tub, and then it was dessert time! I was ready, and the kids are ready. Then I started to dish it out.
My first thought was that the ice cream isn’t very hard for being in the freezer for several hours. Normally it’s rock solid. This had the consistency of gelato. Anyway, I start looking at the carton, and I realized something was missing. And not just a minor detail, a huge omission!
The carton only had the words “ice cream” together once. You know where I found them? In the address listing for Dreyer’s Ice Cream. That’s it. What are these fun flavors? They aren’t ice cream. It isn’t Froyo. It isn’t gelato! It’s ridiculous. Then I saw those three words, “Frozen Dairy Dessert.”
By the time I tasted this Frozen Dairy Dessert, I’d lost the feeling. I think I will look into an ice cream maker or a cuisinart for ice cream. But right now, you could say that my craving for ice cream has melted, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on June 1, 2010.

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