There’s no soothing this burn: New facts about sunscreen.

I’m a sun enthusiast. I enjoy spending many hours roasting at my kids’ soccer games. If that’s not enough, I play golf, hit the beach frequently, and fill the time in between at the pool. Now, this morning I wake up, after spending the weekend, in the sun, and I read this story from AOL:
It’s a new study from AOLNews about the cancer accelerators in sunscreen.
I guess every time I slathered on the Dark Tanning Coppertone 4 lotion, I may have done more harm than good. Now I’m not going to freak out, and start wearing one of those colored visors that engulf my face and neck (think Michael Jackson). There are many of my neighbors here in the ‘vine, who seem to walk around completely shielding their faces from Mr. Sun. But the study, click on the link above to see AOL’s good work, indicates that there may be some components in the sunscreen that actually damage your skin more than protect it.
I forsee all the news coverage today/tonight. I imagine that every news organization around will be running with this story, with their angles; cancer specialist, skin cancer survivor, scientist, and concerned mom. We’re heading into summer, and being that I live in sun country about 11 1/2 months out of the year, it’s much more damaging information in this market, than in others (you know where all those pasty east coasters are!)
So what now? Well I guess we will see what unfolds. I probably won’t alter my lifestyle too much. I would guess that most experts will say to use the sunscreen, and not go without. I already breathe extremely harmful air while driving on our freeways, I eat too much red meat and fatty foods, and I certainly like to imbibe in an occasional drink. I guess, regardless of all the possible health concerns in my life, I’ll continue to spend my day in the sun, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on May 24, 2010.

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