#1 Dad Fad?

We are nearing the season for Grads and Dads, and I’ve pondered something. Now, I have two wonderful kids. And being that I’m only in my early, no wait, mid, ok, ok, LATE 30’s, I’ve yet to wear the “dad” garb. I’m sure you know what I mean. Living in Orange County, you see tons of those “USC Dad” sweatshirts rolling around on the old dudes. Those might be tolerable. Read my blog in another 10 years when my kids are in college, and you’ll find out.
What I believe it worse, is the #1 Dad apparel. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a shirt or hat, or huge sticker on your car. It’s pretty pathetic. I know, you really can’t help what your kids give you the gift for father’s day, or your birthday. Only a real D-bag would buy something labeled #1 dad for himself. This weekend I was at soccer, being a proud parent myself, when I stumbled upon the hat.
#1 Dad
I suppose if my kids bought me one of these hats, I’d wear it around the house. I remember the time my kids gave me an Ed Hardy shirt for Xmas. That has never been worn. I think my ex bought that, so she could just laugh at my expense. What would possess my girls to buy Ed Hardy for me? It is always comical to see people wear those. I just want to say, “hey, didn’t you get that at Costco?” To see the look on their face, would be priceless. Moms and even Ex’s buying for their kids, please don’t go there. Don’t do it. It’s not cute It’s really annoying. As far as sporting your number one status, it’s pretty rank, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on May 17, 2010.

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