Donde esta los vendadores?

Ok if you’re a typical man, like me, you probably suck at holiday gifts. This includes flowers for the obvious events like MOTHER’S DAY! So yesterday as I was about to visit my mom, I went looking for all of those great off-ramp vendors. You know these guys; they offer one bouquet for $10, two for $15, and three for $20.
So after some lunch, I went looking for my amigos. I like these guys, because they don’t hassle you. If you want them, they come to you. If not, they leave you alone! The way they sell flowers is almost a game to me. It’s kind of like Frogger.


If they see you from the corner, but you’re 8-10 cars deep, they have to run towards you. But, as you know, once that light turns green, you’re gone. Well to my dismay, I couldn’t find these guys yesterday. I looked on several street corners. In fact, I ended up getting on and off the freeway four times in two different cities just looking for someone, anyone selling flowers.

No flowers

But all I found were empty street corners. I guess sales of flowers on street corners have wilted, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on May 10, 2010.

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