Secrets of the Silk Road @ Bowers Museum

I think the last time I was at Bowers Museum, Jimmy Carter was President. I didn’t remember much, except that I really didn’t need to go there again. Well attitudes change over three decades, especially when my girlfriend suggested a visit. The big show is the Secrets of the Silk Road.
First of all, Bowers Museum impressed me. It’s very unSanta Ana like. It’s clean, and the collections on display are very interesting. Just some of the artwork leading up to the entrance impressed me.

The displays inside were great. The only bummer is that no photography is allowed at all inside the silk road exhibit, but the mummies are very impressive. I believe the Docent told us that these are the oldest and most well-preserved mummies in the world. The woman, named Serene, is 4000 years old. It’s a little pricey for a quick spin through the museum. Make sure you take your time and take your camera! There are many works of art and exhibits that are worth snapping!
There is a deal for the first Sunday of the month, which is free entrance to the museum. I spent $76 for the four of us, but it was well worth it. You can find the info for the free first Sunday here.
You don’t have to be an archaeological enthusiast to enjoy the mummies. They were amazing and they kept our interest wrapped up, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on April 26, 2010.

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