Only 11 more months to a madder March Madness!

What’s next? The government ordering Americans to take off Thursdays and Fridays? It’s a long 11 months away, but March Madness is making headlines today. There’s a big TV deal that will now allow every game to be aired live. Fans can appreciate the advance notice. We have nearly a year to buy more plasma TVs for the house, and work on that “remote thumb!”
And after months of speculation that the tourney would grow, it seems that will indeed happen. There’s news today that the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament is about to expand to 68 teams. Though there’s no word on how the extra four teams will figure into the tourney, this is a relief after hearing some of the other rumors. I swear I heard someone say the tourney should be 128 teams! Stick with 68, however it plays out.
Of course I am already wondering, why not give all those male fans what they really want: 69! It’s a number some can sink their teeth into, sotospeak.


~ by sotospeaks on April 22, 2010.

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